Clean, Comfortable & Classic - Bounna

Great value, good service, clean and professional. Did I mention CLEAN. Nika and her staff are doing a great job!

One of the best and first! - Nick

Seeing Hands Massage first started in Cambodia in the 90's. Since then it's popularity has exploded. Nika was one of the first student masseuses of the program and by far one of the most experienced. There are many seeing hands massage places out there but as someone who has been getting these massages since I was 9, I highly recommend Nika! The shop is clean, the room quiet and the massage incredible. Nika and her fellow masseuses will cater to your needs. Hard if you need the knots worked out or gentle if you just want to relax. She is funny, gentle and kind and has travelled the world perfecting and teaching her craft. Definitely check this place out.

Wonderfully Relaxing - Kim

I took my 15 year old son and myself to Nika's for a special treat. The massage room, beds and linens were very clean and everything smelled fresh which is not the norm for small, inexpensive massage parlours. Nika speaks great English and she was very helpful and welcoming. It was my first Japanese style massage so I'm not sure how it compares but it felt wonderful and relieved a lot of stress.

Excellent - Rosalie

Excellent massage from Nika and very easy to communicate with. I have had massages from others there too and they where also excellent. Great value, professional, clean - highly recommended. Also good for small groups.

Long Time Favourite - Whyalla

I have been seeing Nika as a masseuse for nearly 20 years. She is very skilled and was a teacher for many other masseuses. I kept seeing her because with her gentle methods she fixed a constricted bowel problem I had for many years before seeing her. My doctor couldn't believe the change. She identified the problem without me telling her my issue the first time we met. A truly gifted woman!